“I have been with Valis International for five years and I still get the same service as I got from the very first minute. A 5 star service with a touch of humor. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and your questions are answered without delay. You are treated like a VIP. I feel like asking questions every day, just because they are so nice to talk with!”

“I would like to inform you of the Great Service I had. Following after every step and every detail, without missing anything. Quick service, the soonest respons of every remark - Proffessional work. I'm recommending, to all, using VALIS service.”

D.K. from Israel (written in July 2004, client since July 2004)

“Execellent! Repeat Excellent ! Great that I got my account opened in 8 business days. Now I can use the bank account just like in my country. My sincere and heartly appreciation to Valis and Mr.David Gendron who is very fast in guiding and communication.”

J.J. from India (written in August 2003, client since August 2003)

“Selling Russian space memorabilia through the Internet, www.maxuta.com, I needed the bank account in the USA to accept different payments. VALIS is the best to organize banking in the USA as well as establishing the company in the States too...”

Maxuta Inc. from Russia (written in June 2003, client since June 2003)

“I received my card and transferred money to it from paypal. It works great does exactly what I wanted.”

“David, I'd like to say that I'm very happy that I decided to go ahead and process my incorporation through VALIS International. I have been debating several alternatives and now that I have tried, I do believe that you have the best service possible. Being in Internet Retail myself, I do understand how difficult and time-consuming it is to provide top-notch customer service, answering all the emails in a timely fashion (and, more importantly, making them really helpful) and I do congratulate you on having gone so far towards assuring that my incorporation went smoothly and effectively. I would be glad to recommend your services to anyone, please feel free to have any potential customers in doubt contact me via email or telephone if they need a live person to tell them how great you are. I wish you personally and VALIS as a company a lot of success - your performance more than warrants it.”

“I was looking for months (unsuccessfully) for a US bank account for non-residents. Then, suddenly, I've found VALIS International. Their service was very good. They reply to all my emails quickly and give me all explanations I have asked of them and... best of all now, I have "my wanted" US account. I recommend his service without doubt.”

“We never knew that we were the best in our field until we were exposed to all of the world by a solution proposed and implemented by VALIS International for a personal US Bank account that fulfilled all our needs of an online US Bank account. Which was later followed by US Incorporation and a US merchant account. We can never forget the service and timely help offered by VALIS International.”

“After months of unsuccessfully trying to get a US bank account I found Valis International. The best service I ever received from a web site. Immediate replies to my emails, they follow you step by step on the procedure and they actually get you your own US bank account. I give them the OSCAR for the most reliable web site and best service. Thanks you are a dream come true.”

Pigi from Italy (written in October 2002, client since October 2002)

“Thank you, I like your fast response, your service is excellent and honest.”

Cesar Saguier from Paraguay (written in September 2002, client since September 2002)

“I was extremely satisfied with Valis' service. They worked quickly, and any question I had was addressed in a prompt and friendly manner. Highly recommended...”

P.A. from Israel (written in August 2002, client since August 2002)

“I was lucky to find Valis International: finally I can work into the net economy easily. A perfect solution for foreigners that live outside USA. Customer support quality is great: clear and fast replies! Thank you very much!”

C.M. from Italy (written in July 2002, client since July 2002)

“I had been looking for a solution to my US banking needs without having to actually travel to the States. After doing some unsuccessful research at US banks someone told me about Valis International. Their service was excellent. They sent me everything they promised. I got my checking account and debit card 10 days after I submitted my application. Now I can collect fees through PayPal and from American checking accounts. Customer support quality is superb. Every time I asked for assistance they replied same day with the right answer. Thx! I recommend them.”

E.P. from Argentina (written in July 2002, client since July 2002)

“Fast, efficient and reliable. Great service with a very reasonable price tag.”

M.P.S. from Austria (written in June 2002, client since June 2002)

“It is unbelievable that I have already become a credit card merchant and have started accepting cards directly from my web site. Let me acknowledge your service. -Fast, clear and to the point. -Delivered everything promised in time. Thanks to VALIS International.”

“I'd been researching ways to establish a US presence for our business for some time and we urgently needed to open a US bank account and deposit credit card payments, but all roads seemed to lead to a dead end - until we came across VALIS International. They got us up and running in seemingly no time at all and they continue to serve us well long after they assisted in setting up the LLC. Enquiries are handled almost immediately, mail is forwarded promptly, and they regularly provide those little extra services which are beyond what we might have reasonably expected but which really do give us a true US presence. Over the years we have tried several domiciliation/mail-forwarding services in various countries, but none has approached the standards and level of service provided by VALIS International.”

T.W. from France (written in February 2000, client since February 2000)