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  • Automatic enrollment in our affiliate program. Earn $25 for every client you refer.
  • Referral commissions are paid directly to your US checking account, PayPal account, or e-gold account.

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  • $25 one-time commission for each referral that orders and pays for any of our offerings over $100
  • payouts are made on demand to your very own US bank account, PayPal account or e-gold account
  • 1 referred client per week will pay you $300 per quarter as extra spending money, just for referring people to VALIS, something you would do anyway
  • 5 referred clients per week will pay you $1,500 per quarter!

Easy to use:

When you become a VALIS client you get an affiliate ID (eg. 293752). You simply tag this number to the end of our URL (eg. and your referrals will be tracked and you will be given credit for their purchase even if they don't purchase the first time they visit.

You can use the URL from a website or an email, both will work. Please note our Zero Tolerance NO SPAM policy: If you Spam, you get cut and lose all accumulated earnings not already paid out.


Becoming a VALIS affiliate is FREE. You then have the option of earning your personal bank account through referring (8 for personal or 16 for corporate) others or purchasing (each referral purchased is $25) the accounts outright.

To start earning today go to and become a VALIS affiliate or client today.

Banners you can use: (be sure to put your affiliate URL with them)

Valis International

Valis International

Valis International

Valis International

New banners are coming soon

Rep Program (should be active again in March 2007)

(our Reseller Program is active now, see below)


The rep program is for VALIS clients who speak another language and can translate this site into that language (hosted right here) then be the VALIS rep for that site/language.


  1. Commission upon Sale
  2. Residual Commissions upon Renewals
  3. $25 one-time payout for each client you refer to your own site (you ALSO get paid as an affiliate)
  4. you have your own affiliates, that WE payout, it doesn't even come out of
    your commission!

Paid Monthly to your US bank account or PayPal account

Your Part:

As a VALIS rep you are expected to be the sole contact for the clients your site/language brings in for the length of the relationship to that client. Our office will continue to provide all the services, but you must be the sole contact for your site/language clients, you are also expected to pre-approve their documents. Your clients talk only to you and you talk to us and we take care of business. You should be able to do this entirely by email, perhaps a couple of phone calls to those who need to hear a human voice. This can be done in as little as 1/2 hour/day. Of course the more time you spend promoting VALIS and your site/language, the more money you will make. You are expected to submit your site to search engines of your language. Co-venture advertising is possible too.

Reseller Program


Resellers have their own websites/sales outlets and are capable of collecting the money and document scans from their clients, then entering/uploading that info to our secure server. As a Reseller you can set your price anywhere from the wholesale rates up to what you think the market will bear, so you can beat or exceed our prices as you like. Resellers can also resell any of VALIS International's other services at wholesale rates as well. Resellers have to pre-pay for their clients accounts/services by wiring funds ($15 receiving fee will be deducted from each wire) to our bank account to be held in a "pre-paid fee account" which will be debited with each wholesale purchase from VALIS Group Inc.


Contact David Gendron,, to discuss becoming a VALIS Rep or Reseller. Please send all relevant data and why you think you would make a great VALIS Rep or Reseller.