Registered Agent Services Delaware

Your Best Registered Agent Services in Delaware

As your Registered Agent we maintain a street address and office located in Delaware and are open during normal business hours for the purpose of accepting service of process as required by law: 8 DEL.C. S 132.

As a bonus to you, if we retrieve your EIN for your company, we will also accept and forward any mail received from the IRS for you. Unless your company receives a large amount of mail from the courts or the State we will forward what we receive to you for free, otherwise we may charge for postage and handling of what we forward to you.

Please note that being your Best Registered Agent in Delaware does not mean that our address is your company address. If you want or need a US business address then you should order our US Office with Mail Forwarding service.

We can File and/or Retrieve the following documents from the State of Delaware:

Plain Copies, Certified Copies, and/or Apostilled Copies of:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Certificate of Amendment
  • Restated and Amended Certificate of Incorporation
  • Restated and Amended Certificate of Formation
  • Change of Registered Agent
  • Certificate of Correction
  • Certificate of Dissolution
  • Certificate of Cancellation
  • Certificate of Revocation
  • Certificate of Renewal from Void
  • Certificate of Good Standing (short)
  • Certificate of Good Standing (long)

All of the above, if Certified will be signed by the Delaware Secretary of State, and can be retrieved using the State's expedited (24 hour) or regular services (3 to 6 weeks).

We can also provide notarized Certificates of Incumbency as your Agent Registered.

A Certificate of Incumbency declares:

  • the date your company was formed in Delaware
  • your company File number
  • you are in Good Standing with Delaware (if you are)
  • you have an EIN # (if you do)
  • you are the Director/Member of your Delaware Company.

If you aren't doing any business in New York State, we can add that statement to the Certificate as well, if your NY bank requires it.

The details of the Certificate of Incumbency can be modified to meet specific criteria as the bank or other recipient may request.

Please contact us for quotes on any of the above documents. You will find that our fees for filing or retrieving documents are much lower than other Registered Agents.

If you'd like to change Registered Agents to VALIS email us for details!

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Quick FAQ
Q: Am I required to have a Registered Agent (RA)?

A: Yes, as required by law: 8 DEL.C. S 132. unless you are in Delaware during office hours to accept court servings yourself.

Q: Can I use my Registered Agent's address as my own business address?

A: No. We will forward Delaware State mail to you as part of our RA services to you - but if you need a US business address for your website, bank, clients or suppliers then you will need to purchase the US Office & Mail Forwarding service from us.

Q: If I form my company with you now, are your RA services included?

A: Our RA services are included up until the end of the calendar year, yes.

Q: When are your RA fees due?

A: We make it easy. Your RA fees will be due at the same time that your State Taxes are due. Corporations: January. LLCs: April.

Q: Can I get a discount on your yearly Registered Agent fees?

A: Yes! We will give you a $50 discount if you purchase/renew our US Office & Mail Forwarding service.

Q: How much are your RA fees?

A: US$100/year or only US$50 year if you purchase/renew our US Office & Mail Forwarding service.

Q: I need a Certificate of Good Standing. Can you get me one?

A: If you are in Good Standing with Delaware State, yes. Email us for a quote.

Q: I'd like to switch my RA to VALIS - how do I do this?

A: Contact us and we'll be happy to inform you how to do it yourself or we can do it for you!