“I just wanted to express how thankful I am for your outstanding help and assistance. You made everything so easy and my LLC was up and running in a few days. You really proved to me that you are #1 for this job and I strongly recommend your services to everyone who wants ultra fast and easy formation of a Delaware legal entity. Special thanks to Tracey who not only did everything in the best way but also gave me additional information which greatly helped me with the set up of a few extra things related to a Business Paypal account. Keep up your outstanding job Valis.”

Bogdan Mihaylov from Bulgaria (written in June 2008, client since June 2008)

“Thank you for your personalized and efficient service. Purchasing services through the Internet is always a daunting task, but you made it very easy and safe. I would recommend Valis with my eyes closed. Best regards!”

R. from Venezuela (written in May 2008, client since May 2008)

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Ostap Kryvytskyy from Ukraine (written in May 2008, client since May 2008)

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“I am very glad about the services you are offering to your clients. I can say that Valis International is deliver the results very fast,accurate , and avilable on the phone to clarify the clients questions about the formation of the company or any other matter related to business services. When I orderd my company I received all nessesary information for payment, and uploading the documents. Fast and easy to upload from the members area. Then less than 1 day later (21-22h) I got a mail from Tracey, who was going to register of my company, just 24 min later I received another mail from Tracey: my company was registered. And as I am a New Zealand Citizen, and I had few questions, immediately I spoke to David(President, Valis International) and get clarified all the doubts. David has answered all my questions in a professional and kindly way. If anyone would like to start a company in United States, please talk to Valis International. I strongly recommend that you use Valis International. Why you should use Valis International: 1. The best price. 2. Fast , Reliable and good communication 3. Good customer care. If you have any queries, please donot hesitatate to contact me. Please send me an email to: prasad@medhainternational.com Best regards Dr. Anjaneya Prasad Penneru President, Medha Soft Solutions, Inc.”

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J.K. from Canada (written in September 2007, client since September 2007)

“Hi. I just want to let you all know what good and fast service Valis International is offering. When i orderd my company i got all nessesary info for paying and uploading id card and information. Fast and easy to upload from the members area. Then less than 1 day later (21-22h) i got a mail from The person who was going to register my company, just 24min later i got a new one: my company was registered. And as i am a Norwegian i had some questions. some of them i actually just coud have read on the info page. but they responded fast and did answer all my stupid questions in a professional and kindly way. So for those of you who are thinking of starting your own company. I strongly recommend that you use Valis International. 3 good reasons: 1. The best price. 2. Realy fast 3. Good customer care. if you have any questions to me just contact me. For Norwegians who is wondering about starting ther own company in the USA. Feel free to contact me. Best regards Brekke, Bjoern”

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C.C. from Canada (written in June 2007, client since June 2007)

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Marks Kekana , http://www.krz.co.za from South Africa (written in April 2007, client since April 2007)

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Lo, Lan-li from Taiwan (written in March 2007, client since March 2007)

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BA Productions LLC from Mexico (written in March 2007, client since March 2007)

“Great service, speed and the best price... what more could you ask for? And yes, I did put the "great service" first, speed only came second. The best price is just a nice bonus. VALIS International answered all my questions very fast. They even have a MSN account for live contact. Is that service or what? "Every journey starts with a single step". When creating your company, it gives you a boost to know that your very first step is the right one.”

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Michael R. Lorenti Jr. , http://www.sensatia.com from Indonesia (written in November 2005, client since November 2005)

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