“I love VALIS”

S.A. from Russia (written in February 2017, client since January 2016)

“I help people with formation and running of commercial companies in Poland. Since the beginning of my law studies I have been interested in company law, which is why I decided to pursue my interests and help enterpreneurs with creation, registration and day to day basics of Polish Limited Liability Companies. Since some legal structures here in Poland were recepted directly from Delaware Code I also developed interest in Delaware companies. That is when I contacted with Valis and estabilished cooperation with them. Selling Delaware companies was fine addition to my legal business and working with David and Tracey was and still is pure pleasure.”

Błażej Sarzalski from Poland (written in May 2016, client since October 2014)

“I have always had the best service from you, we are really really happy. We will place our order as soon as we decide some things about the new company. Thank you very much!!”

M.M. from Argentina (written in April 2016, client since March 2009)

“You'll always be my favorite agent. I've been promoting your company to everyone I know who is interested. I'll be back one day when it's the time for me to open a business over there again.”

A.A. from Saudi Arabia (written in March 2016, client since April 2011)

“Thank you so much for making this a wonderful experience! I am very glad that I chose your company among many others on registered agents list :) I wish more people were as good at what they do as you are.”

Anna K. from United States of America (written in May 2015, client since May 2015)

“Thank you for continuing your excellent service. I need to learn from you on how to provide such quality service to our clients.”

J.S. from India (written in February 2015, client since April 2013)

“Thank you for all your kindness and your seriousness from the beginning. It is very rare these days.”

P.S. from France (written in January 2015, client since December 2014)

“If everybody worked as good as you... Or just half.... No crisis in this world...”

Javier Suarez from Spain (written in August 2014, client since July 2014)

“Of all the companies I have worked with in the last 15 years, you guys at Valis are one of the few that truly give significantly more value than what you get back. I can't thank you guys enough for all this information!”

Pedro Sttau from Portugal (written in August 2014, client since January 2011)

“The efficiency I note is remarkable. I will definitely recommend your organization to my friends with similar needs.”

GS from Italy (written in January 2014, client since January 2014)

“Valis International is the company that takes care of all corporate and tax business, they very professional and helpful. They send all mail and advise us in all official matter. They are very honest and BBD trust them 100%. We work with Valis International for almost 3 years and we recommended them for more or less 10 companies and they are very satisfy with the services Valis International supplies too. So BBD strongly recommends that your company contract Valis services.”

“I want to thank you for the excellent service and support you've provided during the last year. Besides that I wish you guys all the best and may all of your dreams come true!”

JV from Belgium (written in October 2013, client since July 2012)

“The service level is really super & awesome, easiness, clear & precise steps, excellent support team with so amazing friendly manner. Really appreciated & special thanks to Tracey!”

Nader Ezzat from Egypt (written in August 2013, client since June 2013)

“I owe many thanks to Valis International and its great staff. Without them, I would have gone through corporation formation, EIN establishment, and banking matters so smoothly. Thanks a million, Valis International!”

Daisy Y. from China (written in June 2013, client since April 2013)

“For us it is a pleasure to work with you all, especially because of the warm and kind attention that you and Marianne give to our requests. Thanks to you both a lot! ;-)”

J.G.Z. from Spain (written in April 2013, client since September 2009)

“Great service doubled by exceptional professionalism and speed. I highly recommend Valis International to all entrepreneurs wishing to incorporate in the USA, I haven`t seen this extraordinary high level of customer service anywhere.”

COS ENTERPRISES INC. , http://www.cybercay.com from Romania (written in January 2013, client since December 2011)

“Valis International provides a complete 5 Star service. We are really satisfied with the service, every support provided, prompt communication and smooth transaction. I'm sure we are going to do business again. Thanks!”

Henrique Pedro from Portugal (written in December 2012, client since November 2012)

“I am delighted with your impressive reactivity, helpfulness, prompt replies to every single question. Impeccable service. Good work, and a very special thanks to Tracey.”

MP&RP from Switzerland (written in May 2012, client since July 2011)

“You are awesome and I'm absolutely 'head-over-heels' for the amazing service and support you are offering your clients. Video Testimonial: http://vimeo.com/41417646”

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your wonderful customer service for the several years I have used your service. Your team at Valisinternational.com is so sweet, helpful, patient, and accommodating. I wish you provided classes on customer service because heaven knows it’s lacking out there in several other organizations. Thank you for being exceptionally wonderful.”

Yusufu Wunduh from Nigeria (written in January 2012, client since March 2005)