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Mehmet Gonullu , http://www.mgnom.com from United Arab Emirates (written in May 2011, client since May 2011)

“You (Tracey and David) come to my aid unplanned And expect nothing in demand But I want you (Tracey and David) to understand That I am thankful for your helping hand.”

Mark Rejniak from Hong Kong (written in April 2011, client since April 2011)

“Today I received my corporate Kit and everything is perfect. Your service has been outstanding in every single level. Valis knows how to treat their clients, and most importantly, provides an amazing service. There is no doubt in my mind we will keep doing business together in years to come.”

Pedro Sttau from Portugal (written in January 2011, client since January 2011)

“I highly recommend VALIS International to anyone looking to establish a US business presence online. Their fast, efficient and friendly service is among the best I've received from any business! Great job, and special thanks to Tracey.”

Roland Lim from Singapore (written in October 2010, client since October 2010)

“From start to finish, I was more than just pleased to deal with Valis - I was delighted. Knowledgeable, prompt replies to every single question I had. Fantastic follow-through. Impeccable service. Highly recommended!”

“This is my second company I set up with VALIS, and not only they responded IMMEDIATELY to my paperwork requests but also went the extra mile AS ALWAYS! This level of service creates loyalty and repeat business. Thank you VALIS!”

Centis LLC from Greece (written in August 2010, client since August 2010)

“This company is a very rare gem in this cut-throat business world. We got reply for over 30 emails during last 60 days. This is before we pay any money for their services. They are replying to all our good, bad and ugly questions with out any delay. We owe them more than what we paid for valuable info. We are sure going to stay with VALIS for a long time. My hats off for your wonderful job.”

Ajith Hemantha - CFO - ThaCha Marketing Limited, USA , http://www.thacha.com from Singapure (written in July 2010, client since July 2010)

“Tracey Gendron and her team from Valis International have time and again responded to all our queries, not just by answering them but also making sure that each and every issue gets resolved when it came to getting our company registered. Even the most seemingly silly question was aptly answered by prompt professionalism - matters that sometimes went beyond their service gamut. I guess that is what is meant by 'going the extra mile for your customer'. I would give a 100% satisfied customer guarantee from my side! Not just that, I also take pleasure in referring Valis' services to my friends and business associates across the globe and do not hesitate to say that you have added one more to your list of fans of 'Valis International'.”

“Thanks again for your impressive reactivity and helpfulness - it is a refreshing experience dealing with such a can-do professional!”

S.M. from Germany (written in May 2010, client since May 2010)

“In August there will be two years since we have been working together. I want to say that your service is excellent and I am a very happy customer.”

M.M. from Poland (written in May 2010, client since May 2010)

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Francis from Australia (written in January 2010, client since January 2010)

“An efficient professional team help you build your business quickly. Thank you again for your support you are the best. THEBIO LAB LLC”

K. Guerza from Canada (written in December 2009, client since December 2009)

“Like to say thanks for a fantastic and professional support through the whole process of forming a LLC. Everything was performed in the highest possible standard, never felt alone with problems along the way.”

Dirk from New Zealand (written in November 2009, client since November 2009)

“Tracey and David are very professionals, excellent orientation. We recommend especially to international customers. Congratulations!”

XIANG Corporation , http://xiangcorp.com from Brazil (written in November 2009, client since November 2009)

“Very Prompt and efficient, to the point Service.”

JK Saha , http://www.xitix.us from India (written in November 2009, client since November 2009)

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PR from France (written in August 2009, client since August 2009)

“I can see that the testimonials on your site are not made up and are sincere words of appreciation. You all do a wonderful job. AND make it so easy.”

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Sam R. from Norway (written in August 2009, client since August 2009)