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VALIS charges no filing fees for your company formation. You pay only the State filing fee!


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Total: $90 $425 $725 +$100 Postage Deposit
Delaware State Filing Fee ($90) Yes Yes Yes
VALIS Filing Fee (FREE) Yes Yes Yes
Formation of your Delaware Corporation or LLC Yes Yes Yes
Free Company Name Lookup / Unlimited Name Availability Searches Yes Yes Yes
SSL Secure Online Ordering Yes Yes Yes
Order processed within 24 hours Monday to Friday Yes Yes Yes
Telephone, E-Mail & Live Chat support Yes Yes Yes
PDFs of your Filed Corporate Documents Yes Yes Yes
Online Secure Corporate Document Vault Yes Yes Yes
Electronic, Editable, copy of your corporate kit plus other useful example documents Yes Yes Yes
Registered Agent Service for the rest of the calendar year (+$10 each month left in the year to a maximum of $100)
Yes Yes
24 hour Filing of your Corporation or LLC ($75)
Yes Yes
Certified Copy of your Certificate of Formation/Incorporation ($75)
Yes Yes
FedEx your State documents world-wide ($65)
Yes Yes
Deluxe Corporate Kit with company seal embosser ($80)
Yes Yes
FedEx your Corporate kit & State Documents world-wide. Replaces FedEx of Documents if Kit chosen ($110)
Yes Yes
USPS International Mail of your Corporate kit & State Documents world-wide. Replaces FedEx of Documents if Kit chosen ($60)
-No -No
EIN Retrieval ($150)
US Office Address & Mail Forwarding Service for 6 months ($200)
Accounts Receivable Upgrade ($100)
Apostille ($75)
Statement of Organizer ($50)
USA Bank Account Referral
USA Merchant Account Referral

Single Products

Individual Services Explained

EIN Retrieval

$150 if we form your company for you or $200 if we don't form your company for you. EIN retrieved within 1 week, IRS letter received by mail 2 weeks later.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need your EIN right away we can get it for you within one day, still following IRS regulations properly, for an additional $100. IRS letter will still take 2 weeks from the day we get it.

US Office & Mail Forwarding Service details

Your US Office (Real Office, not a PO Box):

Your Company Name
501 Silverside Rd Ste 105
Wilmington, DE 19809

  • Registration: Company Registration: 1 company and 2 officers of the company can be registered to receive mail. Personal registration: You and your spouse can be registered to receive mail.
  • Frequency: Once a week your mail will be repackaged and forwarded to the address you supply us.
  • Carrier: All mail is forwarded USPS first class air mail
  • Cost: $300/year (or $165 for 6 months), includes 50 pieces of mail
  • Additional pieces of mail @ $0.50/piece
  • Actual Postage + 10% for forwarding (this equals our cost)
  • Address change: $5
  • Filters: We filter junk mail to keep your costs down. Only 1st class mail addressed specifically to you will be forwarded.

If we receive a package we will charge you $20 per occurrence. All packages will be opened for inspection so that a Customs Declaration can be made when forwarding the package out of the US. We reserve the right, as your office managers, to open any and all mail that comes in to the office (this is generally done only when it is a package or if we are making sure it isn't junk mail or when you've signed up for our Accounts Receivable Service).

We define a package as anything that requires a customs declaration form, or is over 1lb if mailing within the US. Please note that we are an office, not a mail depot. We are setup to handle mail and the occasional package. Packages must be under 30lbs.

Accounts Receivable Service

This service is for clients who have US Corporate bank accounts already and who want us to forward US$ checks from their clients to their US Corporate bank account for deposit.

Requirements: US Office & Mail Forwarding account already setup and a US Corporate bank account

The Service

  • Your clients mail their US$ checks made out to your Company Name to our/your US address.
  • The checks and letter contents (should not be more than 1 page, like an invoice) will be scanned and emailed to you as they are received.
  • Checks from your clients will be mailed to your US Bank Account for deposit.

The Fees

  • $100 (setup and first month) + $30/month thereafter + $1.50 per check over 15 checks per month.
  • The $30 monthly fee will be billed at the beginning of the month for that month - by a recurring monthly charge to your credit card with your approval, of course.

No Hidden Fees – No Surprises!

Unlike other Registered Agent's we will NEVER charge your credit card for expected or unexpected future services. You are required to login to your account to pay your invoices yourself. (exception is the Accounts Receivable service billed monthly).

Additional charges billed by VI or the appropriate 3rd party:

Different payment methods carry different associated fees that we pass on to you. For maintaining your corporation and registered agent, (in the second year) as follows: US$50/year for registered agent ($100/year if you give up the US Office/mail forwarding) + state fees of $250 (LLC) or $125 (Corp) - plus US federal income taxes (if applicable, talk to your accountant).

VALIS vs. the Competition
Company Advertised Price (for Delaware LLC) and what's missing Actual Price to get the Same packages we offer Additional Cost for EIN RETRIEVAL
VALIS International $375 actually complete $375 or $425 with Apostille $150
The Delaware Company $299 no Certified Copy, no Intl Shipping not Expedited, can take 6 weeks to get it formed No Pricing Available for Package with Certified Copy or $462 with Apostille $349
American Incorporators $275 no Kit, not Expedited, can take 6 weeks to get it fully formed and registered no pricing available without Apostille or $465 with Apostille only available to US citizen/residents with SSN
BizFilings $385+ State Fees (=$555) includes Apostille no pricing available without Apostille or $555 with Apostille not available
The Company Corporation $465 + State Fees (=$640) includes Apostille no pricing available without Apostille or $640 with Apostille $200
Incorporate Fast $324 no Certified Copy, no Shipping, not Expedited, can take 6 weeks to get it formed $584 or $664 with Apostille only available to US citizen/residents with SSN

Pricing and services accurate as of Oct 16th, 2006

Best of all you save months of research and dead ends. You have the luxury of knowing you're dealing with reputable companies that answer their phones and e-mail, and you know where they are in the real world too.

Faster than you thought possible? We know what we're doing and we want you to know too.

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Quick FAQ
Q: How can you form a company for free?

A: We won't charge you for forming the company, but you will have to pay the State Filing fee ($90). We think that you'll be so pleased with our service that you'll purchase other services from us, so in the long run, we can afford to do this because our clients are so happy!

Q: What is the basic difference between a Corporation and an LLC?

A: An LLC is essentially a hybrid between a partnership (multi-member) or a sole-proprietorship (single-member) and a corporation: It is structured and managed as a partnership or sole-proprietorship with membership certificates (owned by its members), with the limited liability of a separate entity like a corporation. A Corporation is the classic form of a fully separate entity where ownership (shares held) doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the officers/managers of the company.

Q: Do LLCs have Shares?

A: No. Corporations have a Board of Directors (managers) and issue Shares (owners). Any individual or company can own all or part of the Corporation through owning any portion of the shares. LLCs, on the other hand, have Members and issue Membership Certificates. Only Member's can own the company through owning a % of the membership certificates, think of it as a partnership or sole-proprietorship where the owners are the managers.

Q: Can a foreign company be a Director of a Corporation or a Member of an LLC?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I form my company with the State so my name doesn't appear on the face of the Certificate of Inc/Form?

A: Yes - for an extra $50. The initial Director(s) is then declared on a Statement of Organizer copy, or we can prepare a Notarized Certificate of Incumbency for an extra fee.

Q: What is an EIN?

A: An Employer Identification Number, also called an FEIN or Federal Tax ID # for your US Company. It's like a SSN for a company.

Q: I don't have an SSN or an ITIN - can you still get my company an EIN?

A: Yes.

Q: Are your prices really the least expensive?

A: Yes! Check out our competition's expensive prices here.

Q: I just want a basic Company Formation with no frills and extras.

A: Customize your own order any way you like.

Q: My goal is to setup a US Corporate bank account - which package do I need?