US Office Address & Mail Forwarding

Your Own US Office in Wilmington, Delaware


US Office (not a PO Box) with Mail Forwarding

  • $200, setup and first 6 months + $100 postage deposit
  • Renewable @ $300/year or $165 for 6 months details

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Your US Office (Real Office) (right away)

Mail Forwarding

  • Registration: Company Registration: 1 company and 2 officers of the company can be registered to receive mail. Personal registration: You and your spouse can be registered to receive mail.
  • Frequency: Once a week your mail will be repackaged and forwarded to the address you supply us.
  • Carrier: All mail is forwarded USPS first class air mail
  • Renewal cost: $300/year (or $165 for 6 months), includes 50 pieces
    Additional pieces @ $0.50/piece
    Actual Postage + 10% for forwarding (this equals our cost)
    Address change: $5
  • Filters: We filter junk mail to keep your costs down, only 1st class mail addressed specifically to you will be forwarded.
  • If we receive a PACKAGE we will charge you $20 per occurrence. All packages will be opened for inspection so that a Customs Declaration can be made when forwarding the package out of the USA. We reserve the right, as your office managers, to open any and all mail that comes in to the office (this is generally done only when it is a package or if we are making sure it isn't junk mail or when you've signed up for our Accounts Receivable Service). We define a package as anything that requires a customs declaration form, or is over 1lb if mailing within the USA. Please note that we are an office, not a mail depot, we are setup to handle mail and the occasional package. Packages must be under 30lbs.
Our office is your shared office at the Silverside Business Center, we offer mail service for your virtual office which includes your mail forwarding.