Client Testimonials

from Panama

Quick response, not only through their secure online system but also on the phone. Accuracy in billing and drafting of documents. VALIS is a valuable complement to our services provided to clients worldwide.

Written in June 2009, client since June 2009

K. B.

from India

Amazing service. Quick response and very informative. Valis is a true blessing for anyone who would like to setup a business in US.

Written in May 2009, client since May 2009

from Canada

We are so ecstatic and wowed by your service! We did a lot of research prior to contacting your company and I am proud to say that we found only good things. Your reputation is amazing and we will certainly sing your praises as well.
Thank you!

Written in April 2009, client since April 2009

Jamie Li

from China

Excellent service and sufficient information! I am very satisfied with your way of communication and quick response for the details!

Written in April 2009, client since April 2009


from Argentina

Thank you for this great job. I love to work with professionals - there not many in our world.

Written in February 2009, client since February 2009

from Italy

It took less than a week to have my Delaware LLC established and running, never moving from my office chair. Thanks Tracey for the great service!

Written in January 2009, client since January 2009

from Japan

Thanks so much! The process has been done so smoothly. I look forward to working with you guys forever. :)

Written in December 2008, client since December 2008


from India

I was in a real hury to establish my LLC in USA. In the right time I found the right company to form my company. There services are affordable, quick, and they always respond ontime. Thanks David and Tracey for your quality services.

Written in December 2008, client since December 2008

from Ireland

Me and my partners, would like to thanks Valis for their first class services that provided to us, not only by fulfilling our needs extremely quick and with no mistakes, but because they had a professional attitude and they were extremely helpful, with any of our request regarding the immediate creation of our company (24 hours) and shipping of the papers. Moreover, Valis gave us law and accounting consulting regarding the LLC companies with no charge and they also sent us all the documents from the creation progress through email.

Written in November 2008, client since November 2008

SutterCreek Marketing Group LLC

from Finland

Excellent service, quick and painless.....underpromised and overdelivered.....highly recommended.....

Written in September 2008, client since September 2008

from Poland

Thanks for the exceptional customer service! :)

Written in August 2008, client since August 2008

from Poland

Valis International offers top-notch services. I was looking for someone who could help me to set up a company and bank account in the US. Valis International met all expectations and delivered excellent service. If you are looking for hard working professionals who keep the promise and deliver outstanding service, this is the perfect company to work with. I can recommend it to anyone!

Written in August 2008, client since August 2008

from Netherlands

VALIS really took the time to inform me about what kind of US business entity suits me best. Since I am a non-US resident, it is recommended you search for a partner which knows the details about incorporating in the US. VALIS is such a partner and besides that they provide you with relevant and practical tips. And it is not expensive at all! I definitely choose VALIS when I'm planning to found another US business entity.

Written in August 2008, client since August 2008

Bogdan Mihaylov

from Bulgaria

I just wanted to express how thankful I am for your outstanding help and assistance. You made everything so easy and my LLC was up and running in a few days. You really proved to me that you are #1 for this job and I strongly recommend your services to everyone who wants ultra fast and easy formation of a Delaware legal entity. Special thanks to Tracey who not only did everything in the best way but also gave me additional information which greatly helped me with the set up of a few extra things related to a Business Paypal account. Keep up your outstanding job Valis.

Written in June 2008, client since June 2008


from Venezuela

Thank you for your personalized and efficient service. Purchasing services through the Internet is always a daunting task, but you made it very easy and safe. I would recommend Valis with my eyes closed. Best regards!

Written in May 2008, client since May 2008

from Spain

I'd like to thank Valis and the Gendrons for their fantastic and quick made job. I also recommend this Company for their reliablity, efficiency and kindness. Warmest regards & heartfelt thanks to Tracey for the hard work and attention :) Oscar Altuna Gaudin WEST CAPITAL MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING LLC

Written in May 2008, client since May 2008

Ostap Kryvytskyy

from Ukraine

I would like to inform you of the Great Service I had. Special thanks to Tracy, the manager! Quick service, nice people! O.K.

Written in April 2008, client since May 2008

from Italy

I'm very satisfied about your service, it's really professional :)

Written in February 2008, client since February 2008

from New Zealand

I am very glad about the services you are offering to your clients. I can say that Valis International is deliver the results very fast,accurate , and avilable on the phone to clarify the clients questions about the formation of the company or any other matter related to business services. When I orderd my company I received all nessesary information for payment, and uploading the documents. Fast and easy to upload from the members area.

Written in January 2008, client since January 2008

from Argentina

It's been now six months I have my LLC and Virtual office is working. No matter where in the world you live, thanks to VALIS my business is running with great success. VALIS service is efficient and it's WEB site has excellent security standards. I rank VALIS an A+ on its business!!

Written in September 2007, client since September 2007


from Canada

Thank you again for all your help, VALIS International service fully met our expectations and we will definitely recommend your company to anyone we know. J.K. Canada

Written in September 2007, client since September 2007

from Norway

Hi. I just want to let you all know what good and fast service Valis International is offering. When i orderd my company i got all nessesary info for paying and uploading id card and information. Fast and easy to upload from the members area. Then less than 1 day later (21-22h) i got a mail from The person who was going to register my company, just 24min later i got a new one: my company was registered. And as i am a Norwegian i had some questions. some of them i actually just coud have read on the info page.

Written in August 2007, client since August 2007


from Canada

Thank you very much. I am extremely happy with the service i have received so far.

Written in June 2007, client since June 2007

from United States of America

The services are great. Your answer is very prompt and very fast. Thank you very much for everything.

Written in May 2007, client since May 2007

from Italy

"I knew to have a Top solution for the financial market but I needed a way to start again out of my country. Thanks to Valis International services I had the opportunity to build a 'dream come true': clients are arriving from all over the world and they are all satisfied. If you want another chance this is the right place."

Written in May 2007, client since May 2007

Marks Kekana (

from South Africa

Wow what a great service. We had been looking for a great service provider who not only would be able to set-us up but could advise on local statutory environment, and we received an outstanding and very quick service. Thanks Guys Keep up the great work. Marks

Written in April 2007, client since April 2007

Lo, Lan-li

from Taiwan

Your company services have given us the opportunity to expand our company presence in the USA. This will be a great benefit to us. The staff that we worked with - Tracey - was very responsive to our needs and very knowledgeable about the services and processes involved. We will recommend your company to others.

Written in March 2007, client since March 2007

BA Productions LLC

from Mexico

Many thanks for your excellent service ! I was surprised by its constant quality : efficient, reliable and quick. I'm used to it now. This is a great help.

Written in March 2007, client since March 2007

from Belgium

Great service, speed and the best price... what more could you ask for? And yes, I did put the "great service" first, speed only came second. The best price is just a nice bonus. VALIS International answered all my questions very fast. They even have a MSN account for live contact. Is that service or what? "Every journey starts with a single step". When creating your company, it gives you a boost to know that your very first step is the right one.

Written in February 2007, client since February 2007

Esstel Communications LLC (

from India

Thanks a lot for your Valis International team, you all are really very helpfull for us you always on your words. We, the Esstel Communcations Team, are very much thankful for your kind efforts and support. Your team has done a fabulous job for us, you make our dream. Once again thanks from our side.

Written in October 2006, client since October 2006


from France

Hey folks, Datahit LLC here, just wanted to drop by and say how much I appreciate to work with you pretty much kick ass.

Written in September 2006, client since September 2006

from Indonesia

If I know of anyone who ever needs your services It would absolutely be my pleasure to pass them your way. You folks have really helped me and my crew with your services.

Written in November 2005, client since November 2005

from India

Wow! Tracey, thanks a ton for your AMAZING service. I'm totally DELIGHTED with your professionalism and super-fast response. I'm very happy to recommend you to anyone wanting to have a US business presence. You are the BEST and most importantly, you are totally TRUST-WORTHY and dependable. I also appreciate your *quick* email responses and all the support you've extended generously during the formation of my Company in the US.

Written in May 2005, client since May 2005

from France

After four successful company formations, I can only say one thing about the Gendrons: THUMBS UP! More to come soon! :)

Written in April 2005, client since April 2005

from Argentina

Your intervention with COMODO has been a success: today I got my SSL certificate for the next 5 years! Once again you proved to be a top professional providing the best support that can be aimed at the non-resident corporation owner. Please be sure of my warmest appreciation.

Written in December 2004, client since December 2004

from Spain

I have been with Valis International for five years and I still get the same service as I got from the very first minute. A 5 star service with a touch of humor. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and your questions are answered without delay. You are treated like a VIP. I feel like asking questions every day, just because they are so nice to talk with!

Written in August 2004, client since August 2004


from Israel

I would like to inform you of the Great Service I had. Following after every step and every detail, without missing anything. Quick service, the soonest respons of every remark - Proffessional work. I'm recommending, to all, using VALIS service.

Written in July 2004, client since July 2004


from India

Execellent! Repeat Excellent ! Great that I got my account opened in 8 business days. Now I can use the bank account just like in my country. My sincere and heartly appreciation to Valis and Mr.David Gendron who is very fast in guiding and communication.

Written in August 2003, client since August 2003

from Russia

Selling Russian space memorabilia through the Internet,, I needed the bank account in the USA to accept different payments. VALIS is the best to organize banking in the USA as well as establishing the company in the States too...

Written in June 2003, client since June 2003

from Ireland

I received my card and transferred money to it from paypal. It works great does exactly what I wanted.

Written in May 2003, client since May 2003

Redline Automotive Accessories Corp. (

from Poland

David, I'd like to say that I'm very happy that I decided to go ahead and process my incorporation through VALIS International. I have been debating several alternatives and now that I have tried, I do believe that you have the best service possible. Being in Internet Retail myself, I do understand how difficult and time-consuming it is to provide top-notch customer service, answering all the emails in a timely fashion (and, more importantly, making them really helpful) and I do congratulate you on having gone so far towards assuring that my incorporation went smoothly and effectively.

Written in May 2003, client since May 2003

from Argentina

I was looking for months (unsuccessfully) for a US bank account for non-residents. Then, suddenly, I've found VALIS International. Their service was very good. They reply to all my emails quickly and give me all explanations I have asked of them and... best of all now, I have "my wanted" US account. I recommend his service without doubt.

Written in April 2003, client since April 2003

The Fair Priced LCD Shop (

from Pakistan

We never knew that we were the best in our field until we were exposed to all of the world by a solution proposed and implemented by VALIS International for a personal US Bank account that fulfilled all our needs of an online US Bank account. Which was later followed by US Incorporation and a US merchant account. We can never forget the service and timely help offered by VALIS International.

Written in February 2003, client since February 2003


from Italy

After months of unsuccessfully trying to get a US bank account I found Valis International. The best service I ever received from a web site. Immediate replies to my emails, they follow you step by step on the procedure and they actually get you your own US bank account. I give them the OSCAR for the most reliable web site and best service. Thanks you are a dream come true.

Written in October 2002, client since October 2002

from Paraguay

Thank you, I like your fast response, your service is excellent and honest.

Written in September 2002, client since September 2002


from Israel

I was extremely satisfied with Valis' service. They worked quickly, and any question I had was addressed in a prompt and friendly manner. Highly recommended...

Written in August 2002, client since August 2002


from Italy

I was lucky to find Valis International: finally I can work into the net economy easily. A perfect solution for foreigners that live outside USA. Customer support quality is great: clear and fast replies! Thank you very much!

Written in July 2002, client since July 2002

from Argentina

I had been looking for a solution to my US banking needs without having to actually travel to the States. After doing some unsuccessful research at US banks someone told me about Valis International. Their service was excellent. They sent me everything they promised. I got my checking account and debit card 10 days after I submitted my application. Now I can collect fees through PayPal and from American checking accounts. Customer support quality is superb. Every time I asked for assistance they replied same day with the right answer. Thx! I recommend them.

Written in July 2002, client since July 2002


from Austria

Fast, efficient and reliable. Great service with a very reasonable price tag.

Written in June 2002, client since June 2002

Schogini, Inc. (

from India

It is unbelievable that I have already become a credit card merchant and have started accepting cards directly from my web site. Let me acknowledge your service. -Fast, clear and to the point. -Delivered everything promised in time. Thanks to VALIS International.

Written in April 2000, client since April 2000