Medha Soft Solutions Inc.

from New Zealand

I am very glad about the services you are offering to your clients. I can say that Valis International is deliver the results very fast,accurate , and avilable on the phone to clarify the clients questions about the formation of the company or any other matter related to business services. When I orderd my company I received all nessesary information for payment, and uploading the documents. Fast and easy to upload from the members area. Then less than 1 day later (21-22h) I got a mail from Tracey, who was going to register of my company, just 24 min later I received another mail from Tracey: my company was registered. And as I am a New Zealand Citizen, and I had few questions, immediately I spoke to David(President, Valis International) and get clarified all the doubts. David has answered all my questions in a professional and kindly way. If anyone would like to start a company in United States, please talk to Valis International. I strongly recommend that you use Valis International. Why you should use Valis International: 1. The best price. 2. Fast , Reliable and good communication 3. Good customer care. If you have any queries, please donot hesitatate to contact me. Please send me an email to: Best regards Dr. Anjaneya Prasad Penneru President, Medha Soft Solutions, Inc.

Written in January 2008, client since January 2008