FinCEN BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) Step-by-Step Guide for Companies formed before 2024

Please read this article if you want to know more about FinCEN BOI registration in general.


Each step is labeled by number in their system, and the numbers below correspond to their numbers, so it should be clear.

Have a scan of your Passport handy, you'll need the # and to upload it.


Start here:


In the second row marked WEB  File Online BOIR click: Prepare and Submit BOIR

Now follow along with the field #s:

  1. Type of Filing
    select a. Initial Report

click Next

  1. Is the auto-filled date (ignore)

  2. Check this box to get a FinCEN ID for your COMPANY.

  3. Ignore

  4. Enter your full legal Company Name.

  5. Unless you have a DBA, ignore

  6. Select EIN

  7. Enter your company's EIN without the dash.

  8. Ignore.

  9. a. Select United States of America
    b. Select Delaware
    c. ignore
    d. ignore

  10. Enter your US Office Address (ours if you rent it from us: 501 Silverside Rd, STE 105)

  11. City: Wilmington

  12. Country: United States of America

  13. State: Delaware

  14. Zip (Postal Code): 19809
click Next

  1. Check this box because your company was formed before 2024.

  2. Ignore

  3. You can skip Part II since your company existed before 2024.
  4. Skip through 33.

click Next

  1. ignore
    If there is more than ONE Beneficial Owner click Add Beneficial Owner until the number of Beneficial Owners is available in the folders.
    Per Beneficial Owner:
  2. Check this box if the Beneficial Owner is a Minor (Child under 18)
  3. If you have a FinCEN ID enter it here (If you have multiple companies you should get a FinCEN ID first so you only have to enter this information once (get Personal FinCEN ID HERE).
  4. You can probably ignore this, please read the help section for it.
  5. through 51. complete with your personal and home information assuming you are the Beneficial Owner of your company, otherwise enter the first Beneficial Owners info/passport.

click Next

    Enter your Email twice and your First and Last name in the 4 fields

click Agree

click I am human

click Submit BOIR

WAIT for the process to complete

click Download Transcript

Keep it for your records. You are done!


I hope this makes it super easy and stress-free for you.

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