What if I don't want my name listed on the face of the Certificate?

We can do that for you for an extra US$50. We'll provide you with a Statement of Incorporator/Organizer, signed by your Registered Agent, (but not filed with Delaware State) that shows that you are the Director/Member of your Delaware Company.
Please note: It is less likely you'll be able to get a bank account without your name on the face of the ceritifcate and in the public record.
Also, if we get an EIN for you, we give your information to the IRS. We setup companies for business, not for secrecy, our reputation and our clients reputations reflect this.
Per the Delaware Director of Corporations:
1) All filings with the Delaware Division of Corporations are public record including annual reports listing directors of corporations;
2) Delaware legal entities are prohibited from the sale or transfer of shares or ownership interests in bearer form;
3) Every Delaware legal entity is required to provide its registered agent with the name of a natural person who acts as the communications contact for the entity;
4) Delaware registered agents are required to retain the above communications contact information; and
5) Federal and state laws provide legal mechanisms, recourse and due process to enable officers, directors, shareholders and law enforcement to inspect the books and records of an entity.