I have a Certificate of Incorporation/Formation to file and I want you to be my Registered Agent, how do I do this?

If it is just a filled out download of the Certificate off of the State of Delaware's website, then you may as well take advantage of our free filing package and we'll file one that's lawyer created and reviewed for you for free. See http://www.delaware-llc.valisinternational.com/delaware-corporation-and-... for details.

If it's a certificate with special clauses and written up just the way you like it then we'd also be happy to file it for you for free, just send it to us as a .doc file and we'll add in our Registered Agent information and file it with the State for you as well, under our free filing package, where you will just pay us a pro-rated fee based on the number of months left in the calendar year for our Registered Agent Services.

Finally, if you really just want our info so you can add it to the Cert and file it yourself just contact us in advance and we'll give you the information to put into your certificate, then upload a scan of it to the secure document center in your members area, pay us for the pro-rated Registered Agent fee for the rest of the calendar year, and file it yourself. The State will contact us to make sure we've agreed to do it then they'll file your Certificate and follow the instructions you gave on the cover memo you sent with it.