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Key Summary

  • Anonymous LLCs shield their owner’s personal information from public records. 
  • They provide the same liability protection as regular LLCs.
  • Only some states allow anonymous LLC formations: Delaware, Wyoming, and New Mexico.
  • Delaware is a top choice for its privacy protections, strong legal framework, and reputable corporate court.

What is an anonymous LLC?

An anonymous LLC offers a shield for entrepreneurs seeking to safeguard their privacy while conducting business. This business structure operates on the principle of anonymity, enabling owners to keep their personal information protected from public records.

However, the key to establishing an anonymous LLC lies in selecting the right state. Entrepreneurs can protect their personal information while enjoying the benefits of business ownership by choosing a state with rules tailored for anonymous LLCs.

What Are The Benefits of Forming an Anonymous LLC?

Forming an anonymous LLC offers many benefits. Here’s why opting for anonymity could be a game-changer for your business:

Get Complete Privacy

An anonymous LLC ensures confidentiality by keeping sensitive personal and business-related information entirely private. This privacy extends to ownership details, financial records, and operational activities to shield owners from public scrutiny and potential threats.

By maintaining anonymity, entrepreneurs can conduct business without the fear of competitors, creditors, or other parties accessing their personal information. This fosters a secure and confidential business environment.

Avoid Legal Hassles

You reduce the risk of legal disputes and lawsuits by running a private business. An anonymous LLC minimizes the chances of being targeted in frivolous lawsuits. This protection can save business owners time, money, and stress that may arise from legal battles.

Stay Protected from Harassment

The anonymity greatly reduces the risk of harassment. It does so for both members and the business. By keeping all business affairs private and secure, entrepreneurs can focus on growing their ventures without fear of unwarranted attention.

Secure Your Assets

An anonymous LLC ensures that business assets remain shielded from personal liabilities and risks, providing peace of mind to entrepreneurs. In legal action or financial challenges, the separation between personal and business assets in an anonymous LLC protects the owner’s wealth. Therefore, it preserves financial stability and shields long-term business interests.

Get All the Regular LLC Benefits

An anonymous LLC offers all the standard benefits associated with traditional LLCs in addition to the privacy advantages. These include tax advantages and limited liability protection, ensuring that entrepreneurs can get the rewards of business ownership while maintaining confidentiality and security.

In Which States Can I Form An Anonymous LLC?

Not all states allow anonymous LLC formation. But, a few have laws to help business owners’ privacy. These states recognize the importance of protecting the identities of LLC owners and offer legal frameworks for forming anonymous LLCs.

Here is a list of anonymous LLC states:

  • Delaware
  • Wyoming
  • New Mexico

These states have specific laws and regulations that allow for enhanced privacy and anonymity in LLC ownership.


Delaware does not require owner or manager information on the Certificate of Formation. It also has no annual report. So, your identity can stay off public records forever.


Wyoming allows no owner and manager disclosure upfront. But, it does require an annual report. So, leaving off the info up front doesn’t keep you anonymous for long.

New Mexico

New Mexico allows for no owner/manager info upfront, similar to Delaware. 

Each state has its own privacy features. It also has its own filing fees and tax regulations. These cater to different needs and preferences. Below is a breakdown of these aspects

StateAdvantagesDisadvantagesFormation Fee
DelawareHighest level of privacy.
Dedicated business court.
Needs a registered agent.$110
WyomingAsset protection from debtors.Annual report requires disclosure of name.$100
New MexicoNo annual report required.Asset protection is not automatic. It requires a detailed operating agreement to safeguard assets from other members within the LLC.$50

What State is Best For Anonymous LLC Formation?

Delaware is considered one of the best states to form an LLC for privacy. This is because of several reasons:

Anonymous LLC Option

Delaware is among the few states in the US that allow anonymous LLCs. Delaware’s laws enable LLC owners to withhold their personal information. They can provide a registered agent as the Organizer instead. This enhances personal privacy.

Enhanced Privacy Protections

Forming an LLC in Delaware offers enhanced privacy protections. Some states may require disclosing personal information to form an LLC. But, Delaware allows using a registered agent. The agent acts as the LLC’s initial agent in public records. The real owners’ identities are confidential. This provides extra privacy and anonymity.

Strong Legal Framework

Delaware is renowned for its favorable corporate laws and well-established legal system. Many people see the state’s General Corporation Law as the best business formation statute in the nation. It is very advanced and flexible.

Reputable Corporate Court

Delaware grants access to the Delaware Court of Chancery. It is a specialized court that focuses on complex business and corporate issues. This court is an attractive jurisdiction for LLCs as it has expertise and specialization in business disputes.

Business-Friendly Environment

Delaware has a long-standing reputation as a business-friendly state. It offers a favorable business environment with low taxes and minimal filing fees. These factors make it attractive to entrepreneurs and small business owners wanting to establish an LLC while cutting costs and administrative burdens.

It’s important to note that Delaware provides strong privacy and anonymity for LLC owners. But, certain limits exist. For example, LLC owners still need to tell banks their identity when opening accounts for their LLCs. And, the IRS requires reporting ownership information.

What Are The Pros and Cons of An Anonymous LLC?


  • You’ll be able to keep personal information private. This includes your home address and contact information.
  • You’ll cut frivolous lawsuits from people coming after you personally.
  • Your image will be protected if your business is sued or faces bad publicity.
  • You’ll get fewer marketing calls and less junk mail. This will come from those who scan the public records of new companies.


  • You may find it difficult to build trust and credibility with customers.
  • You’ll still have to disclose ownership to the IRS and your bank.
  • You could struggle to transfer ownership. This is because potential shareholders won’t see the original members of your LLC in the public record.

How Do I Form An Anonymous LLC?

Setting up an anonymous LLC requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some tips to help you establish an anonymous LLC effectively:

Choose the Right State

Choose a state with strong privacy laws and minimal disclosure requirements. Optimal choices include Delaware, Wyoming, and New Mexico. They are known for offering strong privacy protections to business owners forming anonymous LLCs.

Use a Virtual Address

Consider using a virtual address to maintain the confidentiality of your personal address, keeping it off public records. This practice adds an extra layer of privacy and security to your business operations.

Appoint a Registered Agent

Hire a registered agent service to act as an intermediary between your LLC and the state. A registered agent ensures that your personal information remains private and off public records by handling legal documents and correspondence on behalf of your LLC.

Create a Strong Operating Agreement

Develop a comprehensive operating agreement that clearly outlines the roles, responsibilities, and ownership structure of your LLC. A well-crafted operating agreement protects all members’ interests and ensures smooth operations within the business.

Stay Compliant

Keep up-to-date with annual reports, taxes, and other regulatory obligations. Maintaining compliance is essential to uphold your LLC’s status, avoid penalties, and operate within the legal framework while preserving the anonymity and privacy of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Forms Anonymous LLCs?

  • Employees with a side hustle they don’t want their boss to know about.
  • Business owners without a separate mailing address from their home.
  • Victims of abuse and harassment.
  • Celebrities that don’t want their name publicly associated with an unrelated business.

What States Allow Anonymous LLCs?

Anonymous LLCs can only be formed in certain states that allow for such structures. Currently, the states with anonymous LLCs include Delaware, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

What laws and regulations in Delaware make it suitable for anonymous LLC formation?

Delaware’s laws allow withholding owner information on the Certificate of Formation. They have no annual report and permit using a registered agent for anonymity.

How do I go about forming an anonymous LLC?

The process is the same as forming a regular LLC. But, you get a private Statement of Organizer. It associates you with your company.

What role does a registered agent play in maintaining the privacy of an anonymous LLC?

A registered agent handles legal documents for the LLC. They keep personal information off public records to enhance privacy.

Does forming an anonymous LLC guarantee complete anonymity?

No. It greatly enhances privacy by hiding personal info from public records. But, there are limits. For example, you may still need to disclose your identity to banks when opening accounts for the LLC. Additionally, the IRS requires reporting of ownership information.

What benefits does an anonymous LLC offer?

An anonymous LLC keeps information confidential. It shields owners from legal issues and reduces harassment risks. It also secures assets and has the usual LLC benefits.

How can an anonymous LLC improve my business's operational efficiency?

Creating an anonymous LLC helps make a focused business. It does this by cutting distractions and giving legal protection. It also reduces the risk of harassment and secures assets. It provides the benefits of a regular LLC.

Wrapping Up: Anonymous LLC States

Forming an anonymous LLC can provide enhanced privacy, asset protection, and anonymity for business owners and people wanting to protect their assets. When considering forming an anonymous LLC, it’s important to choose a state that offers favorable regulations and privacy protections. States like Delaware, Wyoming, and New Mexico are known for their accommodating laws regarding anonymous LLCs.

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