General Services

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Yes. We can form a company for you that can be used to hold other companies, or other assets. In Delaware there is no need to specify that the company is a holding company, though you can write that into the name, ex. XYZ Holding Company LLC. There is also no need to specify that it is a parent company, though, again, you can write it into the name of the company if you wish, ex. XYZ Parent Inc.

PayPal Website Payments Pro is only available to US residents. With our USBPP and a company bank account in the USA you will qualify for a US Business PayPal account to be able to send and receive money through the PayPal system worldwide, but PayPal and their merchant provider partners require that PayPal Website Payments Pro be guaranteed by a US resident owner, so unless you actually, physically, live in the USA, PayPal Website Payments Pro isn't available to you.

That depends on what you order:

  • Delaware Corporation or LLC formation: we don't require any documents from you
  • EIN: valid International Passport
  • US Office Address & Mail Forwarding account: valid International Passport, Secondary Photo ID & Utility bill

Once you place your order and your payment is confirmed, we will form your company the same day if it's early enough or by the next business day. If you ordered your Incorporation expedited we will have your filed/stamped State Documents back from Delaware in 2 to 3 business days at which time we will scan and upload them to your Corporate Documents area within your online account with VALIS so you can view and print them any time you like.

  • A US Business PayPal account
  • A US Corporate Bank Account
  • Plus many other US services only available to persons with Federal Tax ID Numbers (EINs)

Because they only get an EIN for a company who's owner is a US Resident with a SSN. We can get an EIN for a company who's owner is a non-US resident without a SSN. If you are a US resident with a SSN just let us know and we'll help you to get your company's EIN for free.

Yes and No. PayPal will approve you or not based on their own policies, often they will approve you even if you don't live in a pre-approved country, with the stipulation that you first get a US Bank Account in your company name. Contact PayPal for info then come and get a USBPP and a Corporate account from us. The USBPP does qualify you for a US Business PayPal account.