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We can do that for you for an extra US$50. We'll provide you with a Statement of Incorporator/Organizer, signed by your Registered Agent, (but not filed with Delaware State) that shows that you are the Director/Member of your Delaware Company.
Please note: It is less likely you'll be able to get a bank account without your name on the face of the ceritifcate and in the public record.

This is a good question! We have had to Restate and Amend many clients' Certificates of Incorporation/Formation due to the bank not being happy with the style of document (they chose another Incorporator, not VALIS). We know what kind of documents a bank wants to see.
US banks want to see a Certified Copy of your Certificate of Incorporation/Formation - and they want to see your name & address on the face of the certificate that has been filed with Delaware State. VALIS provides our clients with these excellent documents.

Our US Business Presence Package fulfills the company requirements of a US Corp bank account:

Not at this time, sorry.

Yes, using the PayPal "Withdraw" feature. It is completely free.

Businesses can open an account fairly easily(it's just a matter of identifying yourself) if they are US Corporations or LLCs. We can setup a US Corporation et al for you: USBPP For details on opening an account: Banking

No, but you will need an EIN for your company, which we can get for you. If you are a US citizen or Resident, or you already have an ITIN or SSN the bank will need it, but if you don't they'll do fine with a W-8BEN.