Delaware Corporation and LLC Formation

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If it is just a filled out download of the Certificate off of the State of Delaware's website, then you may as well take advantage of our free filing package and we'll file one that's lawyer created and reviewed for you for free. See for details.

Yes, Non-Residents, and Non-Citizens of the USA can form, own, or manage, etc. a Delaware LLC or Delaware Corporation. Our USBPP is perfect for you.

Yes. Delaware does not limit who can own or participate in a Delaware company.

No, Delaware does not require you to declare the Share Capital, nor to have a minimum percentage of it Paid Up.
You can declare the par value and number of shares your Corporation has and that will affect the Franchise Tax you pay to the State of Delaware when forming your company and each year when you file your Annual Report.
LLCs have no shares, and just a flat Franchise Tax.

If you want to Dissolve your Corporation or Cancel your LLC please contact us so that we can calculate the fees involved and file the documents with Delaware State for you. If you are absolutely certain that you no longer need your company we do advise that you close your company before the end of year so that you don't accrue new State fees by waiting until we're already into the next year. It is necessary to officially dissolve or cancel your company so that you don't have any debts to Delaware State or to your Registered Agent.

  • A real business tends to get more respect from your customers
  • Full separation of operations from the person
  • More access to certain services only available to US businesses
  • Limited liability

We have received many e-mails asking us the difference between a general corporation and a limited liability company (LLC). We will try to answer your questions and provide you with some general information about corporations and LLC's. Please remember that this article is not intended as a substitute for good legal or accounting advice.

Most importantly Delaware has: